2 most beautiful twin girls WWE, posted “hot photos” to show double happiness

The twins Nikki and Brie Bella, believed to be the American wrestling legend – WWE, have just announced their “double joy” on social networks. Born on November 21, 1983, became a WWE model and wrestler.

2 kiều nữ song sinh đẹp nhất WWE, đăng “ảnh nóng” khoe niềm vui nhân đôi - 1

Nikki Bella is a more famous girl than Brie when she had a love affair with WWE hero John Cena, their beautiful love story and their breakup made the press take a lot of ink. Nikki is now happy with Artem Chigvintsev, who is a dancer, they are waiting for the baby-headed dragon.
Unlike Nikki, this is the second time for her sister Brie Bella, she has a three-year-old daughter with WWE superstar – Daniel Bryan. A surprising coincidence, when Brie was pregnant with her second child, she could not hide her happiness when she learned that her sister Nikki was also pregnant.
On Nikki’s Instagram, two beautiful girls posted a new photo to show off their special happiness: “The special pregnancy of the two sisters. Sharing the happiness during this difficult time is special.”
Social networking site has 9.4 million followers of Nikki, after the “hot” picture posted has received a huge amount of interaction. After only 3 days there were more than 500,000 likes and thousands of comments, sending blessings to the beautiful couple of WWE.

2 kiều nữ song sinh đẹp nhất WWE, đăng “ảnh nóng” khoe niềm vui nhân đôi - 2
2 kiều nữ song sinh đẹp nhất WWE, đăng “ảnh nóng” khoe niềm vui nhân đôi - 4

For Mike Tyson, death is not the worst

The life of steel puncher Mike Tyson is like a high-speed train with bends where he himself could not have anticipated it. From the top to the bottom, Mike Tyson has gone more than half a life to understand the true value of life and for him, death is no longer the most frightening thing.

Với Mike Tyson, cái chết không phải điều tồi tệ nhất

Tyson had a difficult childhood and had to get used to the scene of running every meal. Then his life turned to the page from the moment he met legendary coach Cus D’Amato. At the age of 20, Tyson won the world championship but in the same year, he received a 3-year prison sentence for rape.
In prison, Tyson’s life was “okay”. Bank account reported a balance of 400 million USD but as a habit, impulsive nature and insatiable lifestyle made Tyson quickly return to the starting line. After 4 years, he declared bankruptcy, mainly because of spending too much money on property and stimulants.
And then, the lucky god smiled back at Tyson. Somehow, he climbed up from the end of the tragedy, settled his grievous debt completely and now, is starting a new life, an actor and entrepreneur’s life.

Every week, Tyson has a program of his own with different presentation topics. In addition, he also owns the animated series recreating the past of the “Steel Fists”. On the weekends, Tyson will drive back to Tyson Ranch, a legal marijuana farm that supplies medicinal herbs to the health authorities. This 200,000 square meter land is owned by the Tyson couple, about 100 km from Los Angeles.
After all, who is Mike Tyson? As a martial artist, a prisoner, a drug addict like the headline or simply, he is just a person after many events want to live a normal life? When the Sportsman reporter came to Tyson’s apartment and learned Tyson’s 2020 projects, he came up with a completely new identity of the concept of “life”.
“Learning about your purpose of life also means learning about yourself. We cannot choose the time of birth and we cannot control the moment when we die. But in the end, everything we do when we’re born and grow up is just in preparation for death. We don’t know much about it but when we reach a certain threshold, we are no longer afraid of death, ”Mike Tyson shared the view.

Giờ đây Mike Tyson đã có một cuộc sống an nhàn bên trang trại trồng cần sa cung cấp dược liệu cho ngành y tế

Subconsciously, Mike Tyson has always been waiting for the feeling of death next to him from the days of competition. He was aware of the occupational risk that he could die in a training session, a boxing match, or simply in a moment of losing his temper and into a fight.
“Non-existent” is the state in which Mike Tyson defines human nature. “Much of what we receive, we don’t expect and think about,” explains Tyson. So, in the second half of his life, Mike Tyson often thinks about it… death, but not to die, but to better understand who he is.

129 kg basketball player has the power to knock over the car

Zion Williamson, who is listed at 129 kg, can create a knockout force at a vehicle traveling at 16 km / h.
The fact that a NBA player (American Basketball League) is like a bus rushing towards the opponent in the aggressive basketball face is a common description in matches. That is considered one of the tricks for the BLV to push the game to the climax.
However, Zion Williamson does not need the help of commentators to exaggerate the power when there is strong gusting power as the vehicle moves at 16 km / h. The Wall Street Journal once consulted with physicist Eric Goff of Lynchburg University about Williamson’s gust in 2018.


After watching Williamson’s videos, Eric Goff came to the conclusion that many people were shocked. “Physicist Eric Goff has watched videos of Williamson’s ram. He calculated the maximum impact in one Williamson’s charge was 136 kg – the equivalent of a person colliding with a Jeep moving in. speed of 16 km / h, “The Wall Street Journal wrote.

Zion Williamson là đối thủ mà "Tân vương úp rổ" Hamidou Diallo ...

Williamson is 1.98 m tall and weighs 129 kg. Despite his bulky body, Williamson still moved agile and made basketball shots with incredible jumping power.
Williamson gradually became one of the most popular players in the tournament thanks to the more aggressive and physical play. He often wins heavy and speeds battles in front of the NBA seniors.
Williamson smashed the doubts about adaptability in the NBA when he became the main scorer of the New Orleans Pelicans right in the rookie season. He has an average of 23.6 points after 19 games in the 2019/20 season.

Man Utd is about to break the penalty record

While Everton has never received a penalty this season, Man Utd is leading the tournament.
Man Utd received 11 penalties in the Premier League, including the situation that helped Bruno Fernandes equalize against Tottenham on June 19. This is the highest number this season, three more penalties than the second team Man City. Only Everton has not created a penalty yet.
The penalty record went to Crystal Palace in the 2004-2005 season and Leicester City in the 2015-2016 season with 13 results. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer teachers and students have eight games to break the record.

Bruno Fernandes đã ghi bốn bàn cho Man Utd, trong đó ba bàn đến từ phạt đền. Ảnh: Reuters.

Last season, Man Utd also received the most penalties, with 12 results. From last season, they received 23 penalties, more than the two teams behind are Crystal Palace and Leicester.
After the Man Utd draw on June 19, Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports: “I have known that Man Utd receives a lot of penalties this season, so tell the students to be very careful whenever the opponent has the ball in the ban. “My students had to put their hands behind their backs every time they blocked the ball. Because I understand the risk of Tottenham getting a penalty”.

Man Utd sắp phá kỷ lục phạt đền - VnExpress Thể thao

Man Utd’s penalty came when Paul Pogba was fouled by Eric Dier from behind. In the end, the referee Jon Moss blasted Dier again because he thought the Tottenham defender was again wrong with Bruno Fernandes. Mourinho was clearly angry outside the pitch. But VAR confirmed Dier did not make a mistake, and the penalty was denied.In the Europa League, Man Utd also enjoyed three penalties since the beginning of the season. No team has penalized more than them.

Strategies for improving marathon performance

Daytime nap
Mo Farah, the most successful British athlete in Olympic history when he won the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medals at both 5,000m and 10,000m, shared with Runner’s World magazine that he slept from 10 pm to 7 pm The next morning, plus 2 hours of nap time in the afternoon.
Besides taking short breaks like meals, getting enough sleep also helps improve muscle glycogen storage, while helping to recover and minimize the risk of injury to runners. A 2014 study of 112 high and high school athletes in the US found a link between injury and sleep deprivation. For athletes who sleep less than 8 hours a day, the risk of injury is 1.7 times higher than those who sleep more than 8 hours.

Niềm vui của vận động viên khi về đích VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhơn 2019.

When an athlete sleeps more than 8 hours a night, the physical exhaustion decreases 10-30%, increases breathing rate, and reduces heart rate significantly. Muscle strength is maintained continuously. In contrast, in the absence of sleep, cardiovascular activity, metabolism, and respiration are hindered, lactic acid accumulation faster, reducing oxygen saturation, increasing the amount of CO2 in the blood. At the same time, the ability to cool the body through sweating is also impaired by insomnia.

Overcome lazy psychology
Many runner feel comfortable with their running pace even slow. They think that speed improvement will come naturally over time.
To run faster, each person needs to overcome many barriers, both physical and psychological. The brain often gives up before the body suffers. Psychological training, for many people, is just as important as physical exercise.
To prepare psychologically for racing or before stressful running, many runners even have to use imagination. Imagine running well on competition day will partly help them prepare mentally well at the starting line. Deep breathing also helps calm down before events. Breathing deeply five times before departure will reduce stress when your breath and mind are relaxed.

Practice running up and down the slope
Running on mountain roads or stairs is a favorite exercise of the top runners. The combination of speed and the force exerting on muscles when running downhill can improve jogging performance significantly. According to some runner, when running downhill, the reels spin faster to help improve elasticity and flexibility of muscles.

Runner Nguyễn Văn Bình (Bắc Giang) tập leo núi hàng tuần để bổ trợ cho chạy bộ.

Jogging on the sloping surface, the buttocks, thigh muscles, back muscles are maximized. If running on a slope of about 30%, the impact effect has increased 3 times compared to training on the plane.
One or two jogging runs every week will help runner feel the change in fitness. The energy expenditure of this exercise is many times more than walking on the surface of about 67%. If walking at a slope of 0%, speed 5.5km / h, runner consumes about 50 calories for 15 minutes of training time. Meanwhile, if you walk at a slope of 30%, at the same speed of 5.5km / h, the consumption is 90 calories.

Healthy diet
Jogging requires a lot of energy. Exercise needs a combination of food and nutrients to always feel energetic and free from injury. About 55% of runner’s daily calories should come from carbohydrates, 25% from protein, and 15 to 20% from unsaturated fat.
Carbohydrates (also called carbs) are the most important source of energy. Runner can be able to eat carbs with many common foods such as whole grains, potatoes, fruits, rice, starchy vegetables. The body converts energy from carbs better than fat and protein.
In addition to starches, protein is also essential for the mobilizer because it creates energy, while helping to repair damaged tissue during exercise. The average amount of protein needed accounts for about 15-20% of the food consumed per day. Marathon trainers should choose low-fat and high-protein proteins like fish, lean meats, poultry, low-fat milk, beans, grains, etc.
During training, runner should regularly add fat, about the necessary amount and especially use water regularly.

Nutrition guidelines for soccer athletes

The role of nutrition in football
Nutrition helps increase efficiency in competition practice, increase intensity, strength, endurance, psychological stability, accurate judgment, help recover after training, competition, reduce injuries and minor illnesses, stable performance. For athletes who are still in development age, nutrition also helps to develop height, optimal muscle mass …
Nutrition guidelines for soccer athletes
The development of a nutrition menu for athletes depends on the individual, the specific time, age, body weight, playing position, the intensity of practice, competition, weather …
Enough energy: Energy helps maintain life, help activities, exercise, help build the body, build good skeletal muscle structure … Energy for football athletes with the energy of ordinary people By age, gender, activity level plus energy for practice and competition. One hour of football is estimated to consume between 416 – 678Kcal.
The most important energy for exercise: carbohydrates from rice, cereals, noodles, noodles, noodles, pasta, bread, fruits …

  • Helps store muscle glycogen, an important energy for exercise, should account for 60-70% of the diet energy.
  • Carbohydrates are easily absorbed, generate heat faster, consume less oxygen (burning 1 gram of carbohydrate requires 0.83 liters of oxygen, burning 1 gram of lipid requires 2.03 liters and burning 1 gram of protein requires 0.97 liters of oxygen).
  • For sports activities, carbohydrate consumption is more beneficial. In training and competition, carbohydrates are still capable of providing energy by breaking down carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen.
  • When ingested carbohydrates turn into blood glucose, travels throughout the body, partly converted into glycogen stored in the liver and muscles, the main energy for movement.

Enough nutrients: Coordinate a lot of food, ensure enough 4 food groups in the main meals, paying attention to vegetables, fruits provide plenty of vitamins, minerals, fiber.
Reasonable meal distribution
Number of meals per day: 3 meals and 2 – 3 snacks. Energy is distributed as follows: breakfast 20-25%, lunch: 30-35%, afternoon: 25-30%, snack: 10%.
The days of practice and mealtime depends on the training and competition schedule, the snacks replaced with meals before and right after the game, ensuring endurance and good recovery.

Choose your food when you go out to play
Ensure adequate nutritional needs and food safety and hygiene.
Meals before competition, practice: From 2 to 4 hours, should eat more carbohydrates (2g carbohydrates/kg), low in protein, low in fat, low in fiber, helps to provide adequate glycogen for muscles, helps the apparatus Digestive does not work too hard, does not have the heavy stomach, indigestion.
Meals immediately after the competition, practice: Eating in the locker room right after the end of the exercise or competition, helping to quickly recover the depleted glycogen in storage, helping to recover well when entering the competition. Fighting, practice later. The main food is sugar powder with the amount of 1g carbohydrate/kg/hour, can use fresh fruit, dried fruit, cakes, jam, milk …
Main meals after big matches: Eat as the main meals, especially powdered sugar, but often athletes who have just experienced a lot of effort, are tired so it is difficult to swallow if the food is dry, hard, yes Can change dishes for easy to eat such as porridge, porridge, soup, pho … but should pay attention to eat enough noodles, pho, bread, drink sugary fruit juice to enough sugar powder.
In addition to ensuring good health to achieve good performance, athletes must also pay attention to providing enough water, and care should be taken even if it is a tonic.

Jordan rejected the greatly high salary

The documentary “The Last Dance” about the life of America’s most famous basketball legend – Michael Jordan produced by Netflix does not really satisfy many people. Behind the glories, the glorious victories, or the championships that Jordan has told, there are still many things that do not please old teammates when a lot of “dark corners” are exposed.

“Vua bóng rổ” Jordan từ chối mức lương cao khủng khiếp, đồng đội “vạch mặt” - 1

In episode 10, “The Last Dance” talked about the days of playing in Jordan’s school, even the American legend was not afraid to talk about his days as a waiter, he talked about his Chicago Bulls teammates. .Jordan also made the audience respect when he refused to raise his salary to 653%.
In 1996, the New York Knicks actually made a giant offer to take Jordan out of Chicago. They offered a contract of $ 25 million / year, which means Jordan’s salary increased to 653% (then receiving $ 3.83 million / year), but Jordan did not care at that time. Exactly one year after this basketball legend received a salary of 33 million USD / year from Chicago, this proves Jordan made the right decision.
Although the documentary about Jordan is being praised all over, but the teammates publicly criticized the 57-year-old legend. The defensive star and the second best name in the Chicago Bulls squad of that time, Scottie Pippen, told ESPN that he felt “pain and frustration” about his image portrayed in “The Last”. Dance “.

Scottie felt sad when Jordan thought he felt sad when he was underpaid, which led to his jealousy when facing the Chicago Bulls leadership, Scottie was also angry when Jordan called him “selfish”. “.
In addition to Scottie, a former Chicago Bulls player, Horace Grant declared Michael Jordan a “liar”, or worse than a “cheater,” the man claimed that what the documentary showed was completely wrong. truth.

When Mickelson is about to rematch

People who are considered the world golf monument have worked hard and overcome weaknesses to wait for the day to return to the top arena.
On June 16, Mickelson will turn 50. After 28 years of professional play, he owns five major in 44 PGA Tour titles and 10 European Tour Cups and is a member of the “World Golf Hall of Fame“.
At the age of 50, this American golfer has qualified for the PGA Tour Champions. But he hadn’t thought of that. For Phil, the current goal is still the first-class system, and the immediate future is to pair up with Tom Brady in the competition with Tiger Woods – Peyton Manning in The Match for the second period. The event took place on the Medalist yard in Hobe Sound, Florida, at dawn on May 25, in Hanoi time.

Mickelson sẵn sàng cho ngày trở lại với màn đọ tài Tiger Woods ngày mai. Ảnh: USA Today. 

“I practice the tee shot a lot, and I’m really excited about the result. I no longer miss the left hand and don’t have to exercise a lot to keep the clubface perpendicular when touching the ball,” Mickelson revealed in the chapter. The latest Callaway podcast. Although not described in detail, the player said he made minor adjustments to the driver’s head with softer rolling and the ball was, therefore, more straight
In the Medalist confrontation, the first nine golf courses follow a four-ball format – each hitting his own ball until the end of the hole, while the next nine are foursome-style – alternately hitting the ball to the end.
Mickelson considered his team worse, because Medalist was Woods’ home ground, and Brady was weaker due to a higher handicap than Manning.
“I have nothing to lose. And for me, this competition is a bit funny. Because we want to play in another field, but Tiger insists on fighting at home. I understand why. He wants to take advantage of it.” advantage as much as possible, then choose someone with a lower handicap Peyton has a handicap of 4 and I have to get Brady with a handicap 8. But that’s okay, since I’m the defending champion, I have to prove my bravery. “We all want him to win, but my team is very comfortable. We will give him a sad memory,” Mickelson commented earlier this week with an ironic expression that seemed to spark a fight.

Phil Mickelson told Jake Owen to 'take $100 and go f--- yourself ...

Mickelson is notorious for short-throw shots. And Brady has a poor service, but is fine on the server. With personal talent and the status quo of personnel, Mikelson may have to rely on tactics in the second half. At that time, giving Brady more tee shot, regardless of the accuracy, then Mickelson used the top iron rod to get a birdie chance for his teammates. If Brady attacks the green, Mickelson uses a short-game forte.
PGA Tour is scheduled to return from June 11 with the Charles Schwab Challenge in Texas. Mickelson planned this tournament and the RBC Heritage in South Carolina a week later. In preparation for the return day, Mickelson began to practice walking in the backyard four weeks ago after many days without a chance to use it because of the disease.
Over the past two weeks, he stepped up into the field, hitting 36 holes a day in a walking or tramway. The venue is Rancho Santa Fe or The Farms or Bear Creek Golf Club.
“It takes a while to know why we like it and remember it. It is great to be able to come back to the course. They are beautiful. I think the golf course is one of the safest places for us to get out of the mail. relax with measures to keep distance and sunlight above, “Mickelson said about the feeling of being on the pitch after the reluctance period of detention. Driver sticks are a weakness of Mickelson because on average, every year at the PGA Tour, the fairway hit rate is just over 50%. And in the last five years, his position in this technical charts are 161, 163, 162, 189 and 185. This season, he is somewhat improved, with the 182 positions.
From the beginning of the year to the time when the PGA Tour was closed due to the epidemic on March 12, Mickelson had four unqualified visits, besides the final third place at Pebble Beach Pro-Am. In this tournament, he had a chance to win the championship but fell down to the final stage with a score of 74 sticks.

Covid-19 – ‘marathon thief’ of April

A series of major marathons in April had to be delayed or canceled due to the influence of Covid-19.
The world sport is holding its breath watching the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic with a series of major events that have been postponed or canceled. Marathon runners are no exception, especially this April.
London Marathon is one of the six most prestigious annual running events on the planet, besides the tournaments in Boston, New York, Chicago, London, and Tokyo, belonging to the World Marathon Majors (WMM) system. The London run this year was supposed to take place on April 26 with the expected run by the Joggers between Eliud Kipchoge, Kenyan, and Kenenisa Bekele, Ethiopian. These are the world’s top two full marathon running legs (42,195 kilometers).

Dịch bệnh kiến cộng đồng chạy bộ thế giới lỡ dịp xem Kipchoge khoe tài trên đường chạy London Marathon hôm 26/4. Ảnh: Reuters.

Kipchoge used to cost a lot of sports newspapers when he became the first to run a marathon sub2 (under two hours) in October 2019 during the INEOS 1:59 Challenge at Vienna, Austria. This foot runner born in 1984 is holding a world record with 2 hours 1 minute 39 seconds, set at the Berlin Marathon 2018.
A year later, at the Berlin Marathon 2019, Bekele – an athlete born in 1982 – finished first in 2 hours 1 minute 41 seconds. This year’s London Marathon will be the 20th encounter at major leagues around the world, but only the fifth between Bekele and Kipchoge within 6 major.

Covid-19 also significantly influenced the training process of the world’s leading marathon runners.
“I’m still training to keep up my pace. However, you can’t train alone and then get to your best state. Mentally, if you run alone for an hour, you will feel depressed because of loneliness. I practicing with the team for the past 15 years and feeling alone is really crazy, uncomfortable at all. But safety is my number one priority, “Kipchoge shared on Runner’s World.
Bekele faced similar challenges. He said: “Running alone is not comfortable while not being allowed to run many people. I try to stay in shape, but it really does not work. I pray it will end soon. I run 4-5 days every day. week, alone in the forest. Most of the time I spend with my family. Everything’s fine. It’s sad to hear that many people are infected with nCoVid in the US and Europe. “

Two thousand athletes who ran the news of the London Marathon, if it went as planned, would be very fierce. But both also admitted to not being able to finish in less than 2 hours, partly because the weather could be unfavorable.
The London Marathon is scheduled to be held on October 4, and the tournament’s CEO, Hugh Brasher, said on April 26 that the organizers are considering a plan to reduce the scale, exclusively for professional runners. Brasher also did not confirm whether Kipchoge and Bekele had registered for the race in October.

Lesege về nhất trên đường chạy full marathon của Tokyo Marathon 2020 sáng 1/3. Ảnh: Tokyo Marathon.

By now, the Tokyo Marathon is the only major to take place on schedule, on March 1. But because of the concern that Covid-19 spread, the organizers were limited to just 200 professional athletes participating, instead of expanding to the entire 38,000 people on the registration list. Birhanu Lesage, running in Ethiopia, came first with 2 hours 4 minutes 15 seconds.

Athletes conquer the world with the ‘big dream’ story (Part 1)

Lionel Messi, Novak Djokovic, LeBron James are cherishing big dreams, experiencing the difficulties and challenges of fate.
With courage, determination, and a heart full of passion, they have overcome and achieved the current achievements.

Painful every night from supplemental hormone injections, little Leo still rolls socks and torn bags to practice playing alone

Considered one of the best players of all time, the owner of many noble titles such as the 2009 European Golden Ball, FIFA 2009 Player of the Year, FIFA Golden Ball 2010, 2011 , 2012 and 2015, but Lionel Messi has gone through numerous challenges to achieve today’s results.

Nhung van dong vien chinh phuc ca the gioi voi cau chuyen 'dream big' hinh anh 1

In childhood, Messi suffered from growth hormone disorders, causing the body to grow more slowly than their peers.

From the age of 8, Leo (Messi’s intimate name – PV) has started to inject additional hormones. The family is not well-off, the cost of treating each month is not small, plus the painful treatment process, the need to make friends with the nightly injections has become the obsession of the young man.
“I have to have one shot every night, starting at 8 years old. It is a habit and something I must do. “
Pain could not stop Messi’s passion for the ball. Despite his physical weakness, despite his family’s poverty, the young Leo was repeatedly spotted wrapping socks and torn bags to play alone.
In 2001, Barcelona appeared. The football genius’s first contract was signed on a tissue paper, with three attendees including his father, Josep Minguella, and former Carles Rexach.
The team accepted to bring both Messi and his family to Spain and to pay the full amount of treatment with the most advanced methods.

Nhung van dong vien chinh phuc ca the gioi voi cau chuyen 'dream big' hinh anh 3

“My career is not always perfect. There are also dark days, improper matches, some injuries at the wrong time, but because I know what I want, what I want, what to do. At that time, those difficulties and failures were just experiences. They even make me more determined, ”Messi told the New York Times in an interview in 2016.
Efforts to overcome difficulties, smash physical pain, at any cost to conquer challenges, dare to dream to achieve dreams, win the fate of injustice have created a genius Lionel Messi with roads Art ball on the football field today.