Wednesday, May 12

129 kg basketball player has the power to knock over the car

Zion Williamson, who is listed at 129 kg, can create a knockout force at a vehicle traveling at 16 km / h.
The fact that a NBA player (American Basketball League) is like a bus rushing towards the opponent in the aggressive basketball face is a common description in matches. That is considered one of the tricks for the BLV to push the game to the climax.
However, Zion Williamson does not need the help of commentators to exaggerate the power when there is strong gusting power as the vehicle moves at 16 km / h. The Wall Street Journal once consulted with physicist Eric Goff of Lynchburg University about Williamson’s gust in 2018.


After watching Williamson’s videos, Eric Goff came to the conclusion that many people were shocked. “Physicist Eric Goff has watched videos of Williamson’s ram. He calculated the maximum impact in one Williamson’s charge was 136 kg – the equivalent of a person colliding with a Jeep moving in. speed of 16 km / h, “The Wall Street Journal wrote.

Zion Williamson là đối thủ mà "Tân vương úp rổ" Hamidou Diallo ...

Williamson is 1.98 m tall and weighs 129 kg. Despite his bulky body, Williamson still moved agile and made basketball shots with incredible jumping power.
Williamson gradually became one of the most popular players in the tournament thanks to the more aggressive and physical play. He often wins heavy and speeds battles in front of the NBA seniors.
Williamson smashed the doubts about adaptability in the NBA when he became the main scorer of the New Orleans Pelicans right in the rookie season. He has an average of 23.6 points after 19 games in the 2019/20 season.