Friday, January 28

Arteta chased Partey into the field

Partey’s first half kick in the first half, and Partey limped near the edge, where Arteta stood.

At that time, Arsenal were attacking and putting the ball in the Tottenham penalty area. A few seconds later, defender Serge Aurier stole the ball before reaching Aubameyang’s position, then passing it to Giovani Lo Celso.

Tottenham counterattack four hit two, causing Arteta to push Partey into the support field. Partey ran for about 15 meters, walked again and turned his head toward Arteta. Injury made the Ghanaian midfielder unable to continue playing. At the same time, Son Heung-min assisted Harry Kane to score 2-0 for host Tottenham.

The situation was happening too quickly,” Arteta said in a post-match press conference. “Suddenly Tottenham counterattack four hit two, and Partey walked towards me. I tried to push him in. He didn’t seem to realize the danger of the situation, so he left the field like that. He is in pain. We have no way to deal with that situation. I haven’t talked to Partey yet and don’t know why he is in pain. He seems to have an injury again. But I don’t know.

Former Liverpool midfielder and coach – Graeme Souness – blamed Granit Xhaka for not supporting Partey. He said on Sky Sports: “A leader cannot let that happen on the pitch. Xhaka has to move to fill the void left by Partey. I don’t understand what Xhaka is capable of. I watched him compete. Seven years ago, and still do not realize what kind of player Xhaka is “.

Partey was injured in the 0-3 defeat to Aston Villa on November 8. He has been absent since then, and is supposed to be off until the end of December. But, Partey suddenly started against Tottenham, but relapsed. The 0-2 defeat left Arsenal in 15th place. They have lost six of their 11 Premier League games this season, despite winning five in the Europa League.