Man Utd is about to break the penalty record

While Everton has never received a penalty this season, Man Utd is leading the tournament.Man Utd received 11 penalties in the Premier League, including the situation that helped Bruno Fernandes equalize against Tottenham on June 19. This is the highest number this season, three more penalties than the second team Man City. Only Everton has […]

Nutrition guidelines for soccer athletes

The role of nutrition in footballNutrition helps increase efficiency in competition practice, increase intensity, strength, endurance, psychological stability, accurate judgment, help recover after training, competition, reduce injuries and minor illnesses, stable performance. For athletes who are still in development age, nutrition also helps to develop height, optimal muscle mass ‚ĶNutrition guidelines for soccer athletesThe development […]

Jordan rejected the greatly high salary

The documentary “The Last Dance” about the life of America’s most famous basketball legend – Michael Jordan produced by Netflix does not really satisfy many people. Behind the glories, the glorious victories, or the championships that Jordan has told, there are still many things that do not please old teammates when a lot of “dark […]

Athletes conquer the world with the ‘big dream’ story (Part 1)

Lionel Messi, Novak Djokovic, LeBron James are cherishing big dreams, experiencing the difficulties and challenges of fate.With courage, determination, and a heart full of passion, they have overcome and achieved the current achievements. Painful every night from supplemental hormone injections, little Leo still rolls socks and torn bags to practice playing alone Considered one of […]