Wednesday, May 12

Chess king Carlsen fell before So

Magnus Carlsen lost no code, and lost to Wesley So in the 960 online Champions Showdown chess tournament on the morning of September 13.
Carlsen took the white army, dwarfed from the opening before the player of Filipino origin. So proved the strength of chess champion 960 in 2019. He did not make any mistakes, pressed and made the Norwegian chess king mistake.

Posture after 28 … Bf7. Black prevailed when all pieces headed for White’s citadel. Carlsen spent almost four minutes and then went back c3. This move caused White to lose no code in a4. Carlsen immediately surrendered.

Carlsen can calculate the water 30.Rg7, for blackmailing. But at that time, So just brought the black queen to keep the statue.

Carlsen once again lost to So, as in the final 960 chess game in 2019. Chess also lost his first Champions Showdown. Also on the second competition day, Carlsen also drew Hikaru Nakamura and beat Alireza Firouzja. After six games, Carlsen got the same four points as So and Nakamura.
Former chess player Garry Kasparov spent an unforgettable day before three American player. He made a technical mistake and lost his bishop, when the game was strained against Fabiano Caruana. In the following two games, he drew Leinier Dominguez and Nakamura.

First place went to Levon Aronian – who won three games on the second day, against Firouzja, Svidler and Domiguez. The Armenian chess player is 4.5 points. He could win the championship when the next three opponents are Kasparov, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Carlsen.