Tuesday, October 19

Despite the talent, mountain climbers are still over looked for being women

Sasha DiGiulian, 28 years old American climber, is now a famous sportsmen in the sports of mountain climbing world. Having started playing professionally at the age of 7, she has successfully conquered many difficult peaks and entered the top 7 world famous adventure mountain climbers.

Besides impressive achievements, Sasha still faced many obstacles on her career path. For her, the biggest obstacle is not the danger of the cliff, but prejudice against women.

I am always faced with the saying, ‘Mountain climbing is only for men’. My success is often overlooked or denied for reasons such as being supported by a male colleague or in an inherently lighter female body, It’s easier to climb. This field lacks gender diversity, “Sasha told CNN.

In 2018, Sasha posted on Instagram sharing lines about life and adventure climbing. She revealed that she had been pressured and attacked by a male colleague and netizen for chasing her dream.

Although successfully conquering Mount Eiger, a mountain nearly 1,800 m high in the Alps (Switzerland), Sasha’s ability is still not recognized. “Someone once said to me: ‘This subject is not for the weaker sex’. And that was not the only time I received such a statement,” Sasha recalls.

Bringing women into the “thorny” discipline

However, negative experiences did not extinguish Sasha’s passion. On the contrary, it was her motivation to assert herself and overcome prejudice. In the hope of changing society’s view of female climbers, Sasha DiGiulian formed women’s teams to conquer the world’s peaks. She regularly shares her experiences and interacts with the public through social networks. Currently, her Instagram attracts 463,000 followers.

Earlier this year, Sasha and three female colleagues climbed a mountain in their underwear to promote Agent Provocateur lingerie brand. However, the campaign on received many criticisms on the grounds of “sexualization of female athletes“. In response to CNN, Sasha frankly replied: “The intention of the campaign is to promote femininity in this extreme sport. We have the right to do everything with our bodies“.
I used to go through a lot of aches and pains, struggled with eating disorders and obsessed with inferiority because my body was stronger, bigger than other people. It is the ‘motive’ for me to conquer every mountain peak, ”she added.

Besides the aspiration to affirm the position of women in the profession, Sasha hopes that adventure climbing will become more diverse. She called on the media to focus on searching and introducing professional faces from all classes, all nationalities, all races, and genders.
We need to do more to encourage athletes to continue their passion for heights, whoever they are,” Sasha said.
For Sasha DiGiulian, rock climbing is a positive subject for everyone. “The influence of this sport is very powerful. You have to learn to face nature to perceive the world, to make important decisions in times of need. It is also very relaxing because then, You can’t think about anything else.