Friday, January 28

Dominic Thiem has a sublimation in US Open champion

Dominic Thiem had a 2020 ending that could not be more satisfactory. The Austrian won the US Open championship in 2020 and finished runner-up at ATP Finals 2020. Both tournaments were held on hard ground, once considered to be Thiem’s “unfavorable” court. However, the player born in 1993 has shown remarkable progress.

In a recent interview with the World Tennis Federation’s homepage (ITF), Thiem’s current coach Nicolas Massu revealed the Austrian tennis player’s new goals in the near future. β€œIn the past, one of our top goals was to improve hard court performance.

I think we have succeeded with this goal because now, I myself do not know whether Thiem is playing better clay or hard court. He has reached top level in both types of pitches. However, Thiem and I have a lot of work to do, typically improving on the pitch.

He has innate talent but is also an extremely hard working and progressive person. Thiem is still very young so I see a bright future ahead of him. Thiem knows she will go far and achieve many more titles. I hope he will continue to show his good form in the new season.

In another dimension, Dominic Thiem is being sued by his former teacher, Gunter Bresnik, demanding 450,000 euros in compensation. Gunter Bresnik taught Dominic Thiem for 15 years and the two sides ended in 2019. Bresnik thinks he deserves a portion of Thiem’s ​​2020 bonus, while the Austrian thinks the old teacher has deceived hiself.

At the age of 27, Thiem was in four Grand Slam finals – twice against Nadal at Roland Garros, losing to Djokovic at the Australian Open – and two ATP Finals (last year he lost to Tsitsipas). The Austrian is very strong with his shot from the back of the field, but he needs to be more diversified, and to adapt better.