Wednesday, May 12

For Mike Tyson, death is not the worst

The life of steel puncher Mike Tyson is like a high-speed train with bends where he himself could not have anticipated it. From the top to the bottom, Mike Tyson has gone more than half a life to understand the true value of life and for him, death is no longer the most frightening thing.

Với Mike Tyson, cái chết không phải điều tồi tệ nhất

Tyson had a difficult childhood and had to get used to the scene of running every meal. Then his life turned to the page from the moment he met legendary coach Cus D’Amato. At the age of 20, Tyson won the world championship but in the same year, he received a 3-year prison sentence for rape.
In prison, Tyson’s life was “okay”. Bank account reported a balance of 400 million USD but as a habit, impulsive nature and insatiable lifestyle made Tyson quickly return to the starting line. After 4 years, he declared bankruptcy, mainly because of spending too much money on property and stimulants.
And then, the lucky god smiled back at Tyson. Somehow, he climbed up from the end of the tragedy, settled his grievous debt completely and now, is starting a new life, an actor and entrepreneur’s life.

Every week, Tyson has a program of his own with different presentation topics. In addition, he also owns the animated series recreating the past of the “Steel Fists”. On the weekends, Tyson will drive back to Tyson Ranch, a legal marijuana farm that supplies medicinal herbs to the health authorities. This 200,000 square meter land is owned by the Tyson couple, about 100 km from Los Angeles.
After all, who is Mike Tyson? As a martial artist, a prisoner, a drug addict like the headline or simply, he is just a person after many events want to live a normal life? When the Sportsman reporter came to Tyson’s apartment and learned Tyson’s 2020 projects, he came up with a completely new identity of the concept of “life”.
“Learning about your purpose of life also means learning about yourself. We cannot choose the time of birth and we cannot control the moment when we die. But in the end, everything we do when we’re born and grow up is just in preparation for death. We don’t know much about it but when we reach a certain threshold, we are no longer afraid of death, ”Mike Tyson shared the view.

Giờ đây Mike Tyson đã có một cuộc sống an nhàn bên trang trại trồng cần sa cung cấp dược liệu cho ngành y tế

Subconsciously, Mike Tyson has always been waiting for the feeling of death next to him from the days of competition. He was aware of the occupational risk that he could die in a training session, a boxing match, or simply in a moment of losing his temper and into a fight.
“Non-existent” is the state in which Mike Tyson defines human nature. “Much of what we receive, we don’t expect and think about,” explains Tyson. So, in the second half of his life, Mike Tyson often thinks about it… death, but not to die, but to better understand who he is.