Monday, April 12

Former NBA star lost his job because he insulted women

Fujian Sturgeons announced they will not renew their contract with former NBA star Ty Lawson, who has been playing at the China Basketball Association (CBA) for a year, due to his ‘inappropriate comments’ against Chinese women.

Lawson posted controversial comments on his personal Instagram account on Saturday, saying: “Chinese women are stupid, rude, and selfish.” Two hours later, Lawson posted a photo of him and a woman in a Chinese striptease club.

Fujian Sturgeons wrote in the announcement that Lawson’s comments are inconsistent with the social responsibility and values the club has long adhered to, causing negative and serious social impacts on the club. sets and leagues, and the club will not sign a new contract with him.

CBA’s official Sina Weibo account reposts the Fujian Sturgeons statement, adding “Respect stands above the sport”. Lawson is believed to be banned from playing in the Chinese league for life, according to Sportando.

Lawson, who played in the NBA from 2009 to 2017 and came close to being a star in the NBA All-star, has played at CBA for the past three seasons. His contract with Fujian Sturgeons ended in August, the club has the option of renewing but they have not done so.

Lawson has long been involved in alcohol issues and a series of court incidents, having been arrested four times in the US for drunk driving. In September 2019, Lawson was sued for allegedly assaulting a woman in a US nightclub.