Sunday, December 5

Jordan rejected the greatly high salary

The documentary “The Last Dance” about the life of America’s most famous basketball legend – Michael Jordan produced by Netflix does not really satisfy many people. Behind the glories, the glorious victories, or the championships that Jordan has told, there are still many things that do not please old teammates when a lot of “dark corners” are exposed.

“Vua bóng rổ” Jordan từ chối mức lương cao khủng khiếp, đồng đội “vạch mặt” - 1

In episode 10, “The Last Dance” talked about the days of playing in Jordan’s school, even the American legend was not afraid to talk about his days as a waiter, he talked about his Chicago Bulls teammates. .Jordan also made the audience respect when he refused to raise his salary to 653%.
In 1996, the New York Knicks actually made a giant offer to take Jordan out of Chicago. They offered a contract of $ 25 million / year, which means Jordan’s salary increased to 653% (then receiving $ 3.83 million / year), but Jordan did not care at that time. Exactly one year after this basketball legend received a salary of 33 million USD / year from Chicago, this proves Jordan made the right decision.
Although the documentary about Jordan is being praised all over, but the teammates publicly criticized the 57-year-old legend. The defensive star and the second best name in the Chicago Bulls squad of that time, Scottie Pippen, told ESPN that he felt “pain and frustration” about his image portrayed in “The Last”. Dance “.

Scottie felt sad when Jordan thought he felt sad when he was underpaid, which led to his jealousy when facing the Chicago Bulls leadership, Scottie was also angry when Jordan called him “selfish”. “.
In addition to Scottie, a former Chicago Bulls player, Horace Grant declared Michael Jordan a “liar”, or worse than a “cheater,” the man claimed that what the documentary showed was completely wrong. truth.