Wednesday, May 12

Man Utd is about to break the penalty record

While Everton has never received a penalty this season, Man Utd is leading the tournament.
Man Utd received 11 penalties in the Premier League, including the situation that helped Bruno Fernandes equalize against Tottenham on June 19. This is the highest number this season, three more penalties than the second team Man City. Only Everton has not created a penalty yet.
The penalty record went to Crystal Palace in the 2004-2005 season and Leicester City in the 2015-2016 season with 13 results. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer teachers and students have eight games to break the record.

Bruno Fernandes đã ghi bốn bàn cho Man Utd, trong đó ba bàn đến từ phạt đền. Ảnh: Reuters.

Last season, Man Utd also received the most penalties, with 12 results. From last season, they received 23 penalties, more than the two teams behind are Crystal Palace and Leicester.
After the Man Utd draw on June 19, Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports: “I have known that Man Utd receives a lot of penalties this season, so tell the students to be very careful whenever the opponent has the ball in the ban. “My students had to put their hands behind their backs every time they blocked the ball. Because I understand the risk of Tottenham getting a penalty”.

Man Utd sắp phá kỷ lục phạt đền - VnExpress Thể thao

Man Utd’s penalty came when Paul Pogba was fouled by Eric Dier from behind. In the end, the referee Jon Moss blasted Dier again because he thought the Tottenham defender was again wrong with Bruno Fernandes. Mourinho was clearly angry outside the pitch. But VAR confirmed Dier did not make a mistake, and the penalty was denied.In the Europa League, Man Utd also enjoyed three penalties since the beginning of the season. No team has penalized more than them.