Monday, April 12

Messi has not ‘digested’ a record defeat, leaving Barcelona

Feeling disappointed after the 2-8 defeat against Bayern Munich, superstar Lionel Messi demands to quickly leave Barcelona.

Messi thất vọng sau trận thua đậm của Barcelona /// Reuters

Spanish sports reporter Marcelo Pichler has just revealed that the soccer has asked to leave Barcelona immediately and will not wait for his contract to end next year.
Marcelo Pichler said on his Twitter that Messi had made his decision after a historic 2-8 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals.
Pichler is known to be the first journalist to talk about the transfer of Brazilian star Neymar from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2017.

Messi chưa ‘tiêu hóa’ được trận thua kỷ lục, đánh tiếng rời Barcelona - ảnh 1

Messi has not spoken out officially since losing to Bayern Munich, which has intensified speculation about his future, especially as his contract expires in 2021. Barcelona leaders are more likely to . let Messi go early to collect the transfer money, otherwise there will be nothing when the contract with Messi ends next summer.
Also regarding Messi, Barcelona newspaper Mundo Deportivo quoted from Barca’s ministry as saying that they have not been able to contact Messi or his agent since after losing the Champions League match.
Perhaps Messi’s side shot the news because he wanted to quickly leave Barcelona to find a new stop.