Monday, April 12

MU was criticized for buying Van de Beek

Donny van de Beek left Ajax to play in the Premier League for Manchester United under a £ 40m deal on Thursday. His additions add to the richness of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s midfield picks.
But Sky Sports expert Paul Merson feels this contract is not necessary. “Donny van de Beek looks like a panic sale at Manchester United.”

Paul Merson thinks Van de Beek will ‘trample his teammates’: “I don’t understand. They just spent £ 40 million on a position where they are already very strong. How does he play with Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes? “
“MU needs to have someone who can act as a leader. That contract to me is like: ‘Oh, we haven’t bought anyone yet, go and buy someone who we can give. about ‘”.
Donny van de Beek is Manchester United’s first signing during the transfer window this summer. Speaking on the day of joining MU, Van de Beek said: “I don’t imagine I have the opportunity to join a club with such an amazing history”

Van de Beek is a small, but active, wide-ranging soccer. Along with his ability to play ball and hunt tables, he is also known for being aggressive. It is easy to understand when Van de Beek is ready to “fight”, because in the Netherlands, the midfielder also plays very energetically, not in the elegant style.
He also did not forget to give winged words to the new team: “I am happy to play MU. This is one of the greatest clubs in England. A lot of challenges are waiting for me ahead and I have to try. try to integrate as quickly as possible “.
The Red Devils paid 40 million euros for Ajax to own Van de Beek. The Dutch midfielder will play for MU with a 5-year contract. At the new team, De Beek will receive a salary of £ 110 a week, three times more than his time at Ajax and even more than his teammate Bruno Fernandes.