Tuesday, October 19

Serena Williams ‘regrets’ to drop the 2020 French Open Grand Slam

Serena Williams’ search for the 24th Grand Slam (USA) will have to wait a while longer when she is forced to withdraw just an hour before the second round match today (September 30, VN time) due to shock.

Speaking to the press, Serena Williams- a famous sportsmen, revealed that she injured her Achilles heel during the semi-final defeat to Victoria Azarenka in the US Open three weeks ago and the wound has not healed. It was Serena’s injury that helped Tsvetana Pironkova (Bulgaria) get tickets to the third round without losing a sweat.

Serena said: “In my first game, in game 2 I felt pain. I have to focus on going straight so I don’t limp. I’m always 100% devoted, everyone knows what. Maybe even more than 100 if it’s possible. I think the Achilles injury will keep you from wanting to play, if not worse.

At the age of 39, Serena Williams says she needs about 4 to 6 weeks of rest and does nothing to make her wound heal completely. The Achilles injury that Williams encountered almost a month ago will certainly affect the American player during the French Open if he continues to play. That is why Serena and the coaching staff made the decision to quit this tournament.

This was probably an injury that caused her to end the eventful season early this year. Without this injury, Serena thinks she is very excited to conquer the Grand Slam record.

In recent times, although Serena has suffered back and knee injuries, the 39-year-old still overcame and continued to conquer his goal. If an Achilles injury heals, Serena will continue to return in search of her own 24th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open next year.