Friday, January 28

Star Lewandowski: Success thanks to listening to his wife

Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski won the Champions League title after the best scoring season in his career. Behind that success is the great contribution of relatives.

We are always analyzing Lewandowski’s games together. He calls after the away game and wants to hear my opinion. I have a different opinion from him but I have also played professional sports. It’s a kind of technical discussion among athletes, “said wife Anna.

Her wife Lewandowski is a former world champion Karate fighter and is currently a professional nutritionist.
The Polish striker set a personal record of 34 goals in the Bundesliga in the 2019/2020 season, 15 goals in the Champions League but always thinks that more can be achieved.
He was never 100% satisfied with himself – even if he scored two goals, he said he could score one or two more,” Anna added. “He knows himself well and has great ambitions.

The secret to Lewandowski is at home health care. From eating dessert before a main meal to wearing special glasses for the best sleep possible, the Lewandowski family has taken every step to help him reach the top.
For example, the mattress should be the chosen one, don’t use the phone before bed and choose the right food before going to bed.

We eat desserts or starches first and then protein, sometimes more raw vegetables. To know what Lewandowski needs now, we check his blood regularly. It’s important to eat slowly.
With the help of his wife and teammates, Lewandowski won his first UEFA Champions League title in 2019/20 and completed the treble with Bayern. Anna’s wife can not celebrate with Lewandowski the European title, so hope that the striker can reestablish that achievement.

In the short term, Lewandowski and his teammates will have a confrontation with Dortmund in the Bundesliga tomorrow morning. The Polish striker will compete with the rising striker Haaland – who is 12 years younger than him.