Tuesday, October 19

When Mickelson is about to rematch

People who are considered the world golf monument have worked hard and overcome weaknesses to wait for the day to return to the top arena.
On June 16, Mickelson will turn 50. After 28 years of professional play, he owns five major in 44 PGA Tour titles and 10 European Tour Cups and is a member of the “World Golf Hall of Fame“.
At the age of 50, this American golfer has qualified for the PGA Tour Champions. But he hadn’t thought of that. For Phil, the current goal is still the first-class system, and the immediate future is to pair up with Tom Brady in the competition with Tiger Woods – Peyton Manning in The Match for the second period. The event took place on the Medalist yard in Hobe Sound, Florida, at dawn on May 25, in Hanoi time.

Mickelson sẵn sàng cho ngày trở lại với màn đọ tài Tiger Woods ngày mai. Ảnh: USA Today. 

“I practice the tee shot a lot, and I’m really excited about the result. I no longer miss the left hand and don’t have to exercise a lot to keep the clubface perpendicular when touching the ball,” Mickelson revealed in the chapter. The latest Callaway podcast. Although not described in detail, the player said he made minor adjustments to the driver’s head with softer rolling and the ball was, therefore, more straight
In the Medalist confrontation, the first nine golf courses follow a four-ball format – each hitting his own ball until the end of the hole, while the next nine are foursome-style – alternately hitting the ball to the end.
Mickelson considered his team worse, because Medalist was Woods’ home ground, and Brady was weaker due to a higher handicap than Manning.
“I have nothing to lose. And for me, this competition is a bit funny. Because we want to play in another field, but Tiger insists on fighting at home. I understand why. He wants to take advantage of it.” advantage as much as possible, then choose someone with a lower handicap Peyton has a handicap of 4 and I have to get Brady with a handicap 8. But that’s okay, since I’m the defending champion, I have to prove my bravery. “We all want him to win, but my team is very comfortable. We will give him a sad memory,” Mickelson commented earlier this week with an ironic expression that seemed to spark a fight.

Phil Mickelson told Jake Owen to 'take $100 and go f--- yourself ...

Mickelson is notorious for short-throw shots. And Brady has a poor service, but is fine on the server. With personal talent and the status quo of personnel, Mikelson may have to rely on tactics in the second half. At that time, giving Brady more tee shot, regardless of the accuracy, then Mickelson used the top iron rod to get a birdie chance for his teammates. If Brady attacks the green, Mickelson uses a short-game forte.
PGA Tour is scheduled to return from June 11 with the Charles Schwab Challenge in Texas. Mickelson planned this tournament and the RBC Heritage in South Carolina a week later. In preparation for the return day, Mickelson began to practice walking in the backyard four weeks ago after many days without a chance to use it because of the disease.
Over the past two weeks, he stepped up into the field, hitting 36 holes a day in a walking or tramway. The venue is Rancho Santa Fe or The Farms or Bear Creek Golf Club.
“It takes a while to know why we like it and remember it. It is great to be able to come back to the course. They are beautiful. I think the golf course is one of the safest places for us to get out of the mail. relax with measures to keep distance and sunlight above, “Mickelson said about the feeling of being on the pitch after the reluctance period of detention. Driver sticks are a weakness of Mickelson because on average, every year at the PGA Tour, the fairway hit rate is just over 50%. And in the last five years, his position in this technical charts are 161, 163, 162, 189 and 185. This season, he is somewhat improved, with the 182 positions.
From the beginning of the year to the time when the PGA Tour was closed due to the epidemic on March 12, Mickelson had four unqualified visits, besides the final third place at Pebble Beach Pro-Am. In this tournament, he had a chance to win the championship but fell down to the final stage with a score of 74 sticks.