Tuesday, October 19

Where is the fiercest position competition in Liverpool?

Liverpool’s midfield competition is fierce

Liverpool has a very quality squad. They have good depth, which ensures competition on multiple fronts. In the words of midfielder Fabinho, the midfield is where the competition is fiercest in Liverpool, the Brazilian said:

Since I came here, midfield is where the coaches rotate the most personnel. There is always fierce competition from midfielder. This is where the players have to work hard if they want to play regularly, that’s good for the club.
I myself always have to work with the hope of playing as much as possible. Coach Klopp is very strict but also very fair, he prefers to use players who know how much effort and maintain stability. Fierce competition in each position pushes Liverpool forward “.

Competition in the Liverpool midfield was even more fierce when they recruited midfielder Thiago Alcantara in the summer of 2020, The Kop spent £ 27 million to buy a player born in 1991 from Bayern Munich. When asked about Thiago Alcantara’s talent, Fabinho added:
“It is a good player. He has shown his talent in many great teams. Thiago’s presence will be positive. He is a seasoned warrior, he helps.” we are getting closer to titles. I think Thiago and Diogo Jota will both become important players for Liverpool.